LIC Policy Status

LIC Policy Status

How to Get LIC Policy Status?

If you want to get  full information about  LIC policy status you need follow the steps given below. You have the option to choose any mode to find your LIC policy status.

  • Dial 1251(Toll Free No.) for BSNL & MTNL landlines only, while mobile phones & other services are charged.  All you need to do is keep note of your policy number, which a 6-9 digit number.
  • SMS service to check LIC of India policy status is also available. For using the same type a message and send it to 56667. You will have LIC of India policy status update immediately.
  • Type : LICMoney <Policy-No> [STAT /ECDUE/ANNPD/PDTHRU/AMOUNT/CHQRET] Send To 56677

Online Method For LIC of India Policy Status Enquiry

  • For checking your policy status of LIC of India online you have to visit
  • If you have not registered yet, get yourself registered: Follow
  • Then create your login ID to activate your account. This will facilitate a speedy LIC of India policy status enquiry.
  • After your account gets activated you need to fill-in all the details to get your policy status of LIC of India.

After all the account formalities are over you will get an enrolment form for you policy, this will also complete the final step for registration. Thus enabling you to have a LIC of India policy status enquiry anytime, anywhere.