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Jeevan Anand plan is the permutation of complete life policy with endowment or bequest insurance policy. The Jeevan Ananad plan gives the life risk cover till the death and at the end of the fixed PPT, it provides a bonus and per decided S.A. Jeevan Anand LIC policy status is such that it covers people from all age groups and all the classes. The benefit to the policy holder is that the protection is given to their families by a financial setback which is provided in case of any demise. There is a particular amount which is assured and that amount if not paid is payable when the endowment term ends if not paid by the reason of death. The amount can be invested for annuity or allowance provision. This plan is with moderate premiums, saving oriented and has high liquidity.

The premiums are often paid for the selected terms of some years or till death if it happens to occur during the period of the plan. If policy holder is involved in any hazardous occupations accident benefits are available in this case.

Plan parameters

Age at entry Min.18 yrs Max. 65 yrs.
PPT maturity age Max. 75 yrs
Sum assured Min. 1,00,000 Max. No. Limit
S.A. in multiples 5000
Term Min.5 yrs Max. 57 yrs 
Mode of payment YLY/HLY/QLY/SSS/MLY
Accident benefit  Incl. in. T.P.
Policy loan yes 
Housing loan yes 
Assignment yes 
Revival yes 
Surrender of policy yes 
Term rider N.A.
CIR yes

Required Documents

Form no 300 (rev.)
Age proof std/ NSAP- 1,2,3
Female lives category I/II/III
Non-medical (Gen) Allowed
Non-medical (Prof) Allowed
Non-medical (special) Allowed
Actual sum assured Basic SA
Risk coverage SA+ Bonus
Dating back @ 8% Allowed

Death benefit: 

If during the term of payment of the premium death of the policy holder occurs, and S.A. + Bonus +FAB if any is due and the payment of premium is stopped. If death occurs post premium paying term, extra amount with the value equal to S.A is to be paid. If death occurs after the term of paying the premium then bonus is not payable.

Accident benefit: During the premium paying term, accident benefit available is double.