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LIC is India’s oldest life insurance policy covering company which has millions of policy holders from all walks of life, all age groups and all over India. Till few years back LIC policy and all information regarding the policy were available with the respective branches from where the policy was purchased. With the emergence of internet and availability of LIC website, life of LIC policy holders has become simple. Now they can log in to their LIC accounts and get the LIC Policy Status Report.

Not many people are aware of LIC Policy Status Report.LIC Policy Status Report is one of the biggest advantages that the website offers. As soon as the policy holder registers himself to LIC website, he gets a user id which enables him to access his policy information online and keep a track of the policy status. LIC Policy Status Report is available here only and contains various important information like loan revival, policy calendar, due date of premium, maturity calendar etc. it also holds the basic information like the policy number, the branch name that has issued the number, plan name and type, date of taking the plan and name of the policy holder.

One can also get to see other details about the policy like lapsed policy status and ways to renew the policy. The policy renewal form can also be requested after log in. however, if a policy holder keeps a track of LIC Policy Status Report on a regular basis, the chances of policy getting lapsed is not in question. This is so because the LIC Policy Status Report contains all important information like the next date of payment of premium and even the grace period and maturity date of the policy. With timely access to LIC Policy Status Report, one can easily pay his dues on time and enjoy the policy benefits as it matures.